Student’s Visa – open a career in Canada

New options to arrive in Canada through short and relatively easy studies!

These studies can be achieved through “Create Career College (CCC College)” or “Discovery Community College” (DCC) which are private local career colleges located in BC.  

These colleges welcome international students that are seeking to find their future in Canada among local students.

This will provide intensive accredited training to everyone regardless of their age and background so they could thrive in the Canadian business world today, for necessary and in-demand health occupations. 

As your first step toward career success, these Colleges offer professional face-to-face and online diploma courses designed for natural business settings. With easily-accessible courses, local and international students are able to enjoy quality education wherever they are. Moreover, through these courses, you will receive a job offer, in which you can start to accrue hours for PR application. 

Courses start almost every other month, and based on the acceptance letter you will receive your student visa easily and quickly.

The courses we recommend usually take no longer than 10 months, while each week you can easily work in a part-time job, as classes spread over a maximum of 20 hours a week (can be 3 full days or other options). This surely allows a part-time job as well.

Some colleges have several branches for your choice


IELTS exam (Academic or general mode with 6 band score)/other English exams offered

Tuition and service charge (10,000-13,000 USD, with good finance options)

Proof of stable ties in homeland


Proof of funds



Quick and easy to graduate

Opens opportunities for PR

Guaranteed job offers

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