Nurses and Caregivers

Nursing Diploma / Registered Nurses / Psychiatric Nurses / Certificate holders or caregivers (minimum of 800 hours course), with at least 1 year of working experience 

Registered nurses / Caregivers of at least one year working experience. 

Requirements needed:

  • IELTS for the purpose of registration process (It needs to be academic mode with overall 7 (s-7, l-7.5, r-6.5, w-7)
  • Knowledge of English speaking is required.
  • Education Credentials Assessment through NNAS organization or other certified organizations.
  • Original documents for the purpose of registration process
  • Financial ability

Some programs are for a work permit and others are suitable for families – immediate family can join the main applicant from arrival (when available).

2 separate programs:

  • Complete Immigration Program, including PR
  • Program of Work Permit (for up to 24 months)

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