Looking for qualified manpower? We are your partners!

The secret of an organization’s success lies in the quality of its employees, the connection between them, and their adaptation to the nature of the organization. 

We use tested practices and methods to fuel market growth and achieve business and private goals for our network members.

Why us?

We believe that the most valuable resource is human resources, therefore we make sure to match the best people according to your specifications, and aspire to bring creative solutions to labor market shortages.

By investing in them without limits, and contributing to their knowledge and experience we gain so that they come to work every day with a smile. 


is working in collaboration with Eden Opportunities, among other HR companies worldwide, to attribute a social networking operation that provides a platform for sharing opportunities.

While Eden’s services help to alleviate manpower shortages and provide a variety of quality human resources, we recruit the personnel. We expert in Internationaly Educated Nurses (IENs), among other professions and thus we’re able to locate the perfect employee for you. Through out our screening process we guide our applicants through the NNAS assessment process and other requirements. Alternatively, we guide them in Health Care registration. This way we can assure the best quality of personnel for your bussiness,

Our global platform consists of a wide variety of personnel, with a special focus on nursing and health care fields. 

Our goal is to locate the best employee for your organization, after screening and filtering those who are not adequate with your standards.

In addition, we collaborate with RCICs so we can provide a complete and full service that is needed in the process of hiring manpower from abroad. 


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