British Columbia province and PNP

The BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an economic immigration program administered by the Government of British Columbia’s Immigration Programs Branch.
The program enables the province to select and nominate foreign workers, international students, and entrepreneurs to help meet B.C.’s labor market needs, support government priorities, and help grow B.C.’s economy. If you are nominated, you and your family can apply to IRCC to become permanent residents of Canada.

At the beginning of August, more than 164 candidates were invited to apply for a provincial nomination in British Columbia in the draw that occurred on August 3. British Columbia typically holds a provincial nomination draw each week.

When there is no general draw, the province may invite candidates from targeted categories, designed to fill gaps in BC’s labor force.

A total of 133 candidates from the skilled worker and international graduate category were invited in a targeted draw for tech occupations. Candidates required a minimum Skills and Immigration Registration System (SIRS) score of 90.

SIRS acts much like the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) but is only used for British Columbia’s PNP.

The province also held invitations for candidates working in the following occupations. These draws are identical to the draw that took place on July 26:

  • 22 early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214) with scores of at least 60 points; and
  • 9 healthcare workers with scores of at least 60 points.

Skilled Worker Category 

This category is for individuals who have received an eligible job offer in a skilled occupation. Workers are expected to have several years of experience in their skilled occupation.

Healthcare Professional Category 

Under this category, individuals with experience and eligible job offers may apply as physicians, nurses, psychiatric nurses, or allied health professionals. An eligible job offer must be acquired for one of 11 qualifying health occupations.

Who are we?

“Ok4Canada” is an Immigration Agency, located in Israel, that is managed and organized by an attorney at law Michal Kaplan Hachmon, with 20 years of experience practicing law. We specialize in Immigration programs to Canada, and work with a certified immigration consultant (RCIC), representing and accompanying potential candidates in the process of immigration. 

Our clients will receive full registration details of our RCIC in the official government Immigration site.

If you are a nurse or a caregiver, and Canada is a dream you want to fulfill, we invite you to take this journey with us. We will personally and professionally escort and guide you throughout this life-changing step, in a way you will feel safe and secure.

To take your free assessment please click here and fill out our questionnaire. Therefore, if you decide to embark on this life-changing journey, check carefully which immigration program is relevant and fitted to your background and personal profile, (including age, studies, work experience, etc.)  and whether your service providers are professionals and reliable, so that you do this life-changing process legally, without losing your money and failing the process.

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