Advantages of studying in Canada

Canada is known to be one of the most inviting countries in the world in terms of immigration. There are many immigration programs, while many streams are inviting educated immigrants to arrive in Canada, especially where there is a shortage in the local labor market.

Another important factor that may open good immigration options lies in post-secondary education, especially when acquired in Canada itself.

One will soon discover that holding a Canadian diploma will increase chances for residency, improve salary and give advantages over other educated immigrants that didn’t study inside Canada.

Overall, 80% of those who graduated inside Canada, and hold a Canadian Diploma or certificate of education had obtained permanent residency (PR) within 5 years of graduating. International students often make immigration considerations when choosing their education paths.

For example, choosing Nursing diplomas or even Health Care courses will allow the graduating students to obtain a certificate of education in one of the most needed sectors all over Canada.

This is exactly the reason why International students are changing the demographics of education in Canada, with Indian international students overwhelmingly leading the charge.

According to Statistics Canada’s September 12th report, the demand for post-college credential programs (PCC) (credentials typically requiring some other form of post-secondary education first to be eligible) has shot up in popularity in Canada, increasing from 6% of all graduations in 2014 to over 13% of all college graduations in 2019.

While these PCCs are popular for the career-specific training that they can provide students—by far the largest explanation for the rise in popularity has been the correlated increase in international students at colleges. International students made up 67% of those graduating with a PCC in 2019, and of these, Indian international students made up 53% of this group.

Of these individuals who achieved PR, Indian students accounted for more than 80% on average of all applicants across various streams of education, with the highest proportion being those graduating with a PCC (85%). International students from other countries achieved PR at lesser percentages than Indian students, throughout all programs.

As mentioned above, the local Canadian diploma will increase the wages earned in a dramatic way.

Studying in Canada, especially for the purposes of finding work and/or immigrating to the country afterward can be a hugely beneficial move. Not only does a Canadian degree or credential (from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution) carry worthwhile skills and deliver an internationally accredited quality of education (which in turn can help greatly in trying to acquire high-paying work in the Canadian market); but international students in Canada are able to work part-time during their studies (thereby having a means of taking care of themselves). Studying in Canada is also a very strong way to improve one’s Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score; the primary way that federal skilled immigration candidates will be assessed by the Canadian government.

Canadian international students have multiple immigration pathways open to them, and (as evidenced by the data in this report) can be successful not just within the Canadian job market, but also in their bids for PR.

Who are we?

“Ok4Canada” is an Immigration Agency, located in Israel, that is managed and organized by an attorney at law Michal Kaplan Hachmon, with 20 years of experience practicing law. We specialize in Immigration programs to Canada, and work with a certified immigration consultant (RCIC), representing and accompanying potential candidates in the process of immigration.  

Our clients will receive full registration details of our RCIC on the official government Immigration site.

If you are a nurse or a caregiver, and Canada is a dream you want to fulfill, we invite you to take this journey with us. We will personally and professionally escort and guide you throughout this life-changing step, in a way you will feel safe and secure.

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