About Ok4canada

Who are we?

OK4CANADA is an Immigration Agency, located in Israel, that is managed and organized by attorneys at law Michal Kaplan Hachmon & Zohar Caspi Zur, with 20 years of experience practicing law. We specialize in Immigration programs to Canada, and work with a certified immigration consultant (RCIC), representing and accompanying potential candidates in the process of immigration.  

Our clients will receive full registration details of our RCIC on the official government Immigration site.

OK4CANADA was founded in 2018. After realizing that there is an actual and increasing need for serious, genuine, and reliable assistance and guidance, for the purpose of Canadian Immigration, following the publishment of over 100 immigration programs, we have decided to establish our agency.

We also recognized that there was high misinformation being spread amongst the immigration applicants. The misinformation and fraud led to wasted money, failed applications, and unsuccessful immigration processes. There needed to be serious guidance for these applicants, A place that was reliably and professionally consulting and assisting those applicants to safely immigrate to Canada. 

OK4CANADA is a reliable agency!

For individuals who have not yet begun the process, you need a reliable source of information. Misinformation can be costly both in terms of time and money. You will need a reliable place that will help you in accessing topics such as:

  • The immigration process
  • The document submission and credential verification process
  • The equivalency process and whether that is a good option for you
  • Degree completion programs and whether that is a good option for you
Why us? 

» We will assess your chances for free

» We work only with certified immigration consultants, authorized by the Canadian authorities

» We will guide you throw the Canadian bureaucracy

» Personal care – we will find the best program for you to get your new life in Canada

» We will assist with your accommodation and with your integration into Canada

Fast, professional, and efficient process
We will escort you all the way to your Canadian dream!

OK4CANADA is a professional, reliable, and serious agency, who specializes in Canadian Immigration programs, and is outstanding in its field. OK4CANADA’s clients are in the best hands. We optimize the success chances of our clients and minimize risks for money loss. This is why our fees are high, but worth investing in.

OK4CANADA is the smartest and safest choice for you.

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