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Living in a country with one of the highest quality of life in the world, a country with one of the strongest economies worldwide, with an excellent education system, and a wide range of job and career opportunities, that encourages quality Immigrants and offers one of the highest Quality of life in the world.

A great Immigration Program for permanent residency is currently available in great locations, including in British Columbia, one of the most sought-after provinces of Canada. In our programs, you will join a complete Immigration Program supported by a  job offer. After several months of work, you will be eligible for PR. You can also bring your immediate family upon arrival to Canada, and they will be a part of the PR application.

After PR is granted, you will be able to work in anything else, and no longer be obligated to work in your initial job placement.

Great Immigration Programs for Nurses/Caregivers Beauty Welders  Chefs / cooks  Drivers Housekeeping

Nurses and Caregivers

Nursing Diploma / Registered Nurses / Psychiatric Nurses / Certificate holders or caregivers (minimum of 800 hours course), with at least 1 year of working experience 

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Hair Stylists Secondary school education is required. Completion of a two- or three-year hairstyling apprenticeship program or completion of a college or other program in

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Requirements needed: Certificate of profession At least 5 years of recent working experience IELTS in  the general training mode with a minimum score of 5

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Chefs / Cooks

1-year working experience Requirements needed: Clear a job interview Knowledge of English speaking is required. Working experience. Usually, you will start with a job placement

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Come and work in a live-in housekeeping job. You will arrive on a work permit with a job waiting for you (LMIA-based). IELTS is not

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